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Fullscreen Maps

Bookmarklets and user scripts to open map in fullscreen on various sites where that feature is missing.

Fullscreen Map for Eniro

This will add the missing feature to view the map in fullscreen on Eniro maps. There are two alternative ways to use this, as a bookmarklet that can be selected each time you want to add a fullscreen button or as a user script that will run automatically every time you visit an activity page.


How to create the bookmarklet:

Drag this link to your bookmark toolbar: Eniro Fullscreen Map

Alternatively copy the link location or select and copy the code and create a bookmark in your browser using the text as the address for the bookmark.


How to use the bookmarklet:

When you are at select the bookmarklet from your bookmark menu or bookmark toolbar. A button will now be added to the controls on the map. Click it to maximize the map to fill the entire screen. To close the full screen map just press the escape key.

User Script

Install Eniro Fullscreen Map as a user script